Worked in the Far East ...


Japan was a great time in my life. In the early 90s Japan was booming and I travelled there to teach English. Its also where I first heard jazz and met my husband a jazz artist himself. The one thing I still vividly remember is the packaging. The Japanese take pride in how a product sold is packaged- from beautiful paper to layers of tissue paper to the bag you walk out the store with.

Did you know?

The term karaoke means “empty orchestra” in Japanese.

Born in the Middle East ...


Without giving away my age I'll say that in the 70s I was born in Cairo to Mary and Samy Armanios. Soon after with little opportunity for a good education for me or my brother as well as a lack of good jobs my father moved us all to Ausralia. My memories of Cairo include great home made yogurt that my grandmother would buy along with other items by placing money in a basket and then dangling the basket down three flights over a balcony to the young sellers waiiting below.

Did you know?

Cairo is the largest city of Africa.

Grew up Down Under...


I spent all my life in Sydney. Thats where I call my first home. Yes I say barbe for barbecue, mate for friend and daggy for someone uncool. My fondest memories are the weekends spent with all the kids on the same street all playing together, hosing each other down in the heat.

Did you know?

Kangaroo is Aborginee for, “I don’t understand what you’re saying” according to myth.

Lived in Western Europe...


My husband got an offer to work with the famous Oliviero Tuscani, the man behind Bennetton. Artists from around the world came togther to a think tank called "Fabrica" to design, compose, direct, write, and research any idea they wanted. My first encounter with a Mac was along side a well established Art Director in Italy who allowed me to use the facilities as I wanted. My sadest memory is not being able to afford the Mac I wanted to buy for home.

Did you know?

Italy is said to have more masterpieces per square mile than any other country in the world.

Home is now...

New York

I've been living in NYC since 1994. And though this is the last city you have come to in my story none of the above cities are in chronological order. NY however is where I call home today, where I work and bring up my son. NY is where I bought my first apple machine and many more after that. From the East Village, to Soho to Fort Greene and now Park Slope I have travelled far to be here.

Did you know?

The Big Apple is a term coined by musicians meaning to play the big time.